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Why This Blog Is No Longer Updated? – “I kinda like languages” blog

May 29, 2011

Why This Blog Is No Longer Updated? – “I kinda like languages” blog.

Probably for the same reasons this blog is no longer  updated. But also due to  overworking,  expected misery in our country and some other projects that are getting the most of my time and attention. Surely I will try to come back some day.  Just don’t ask me when.

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Greek Christmas carol

December 25, 2010

Urban (old recording from 1927):

Traditional religious from Pontos:

Traditional from Creta:

Test project of Wikipedia in Ancient Greek

December 7, 2010

The last days  I devoted the most of my time to the creation of  the Greek Wikinews project , which is still in Wikimedia Incubator site. I spent a lot of time writing and translating  about policy  and guidelines.  That kept me away from my language learning projects for a while, but I hope that soon I will come back writing about my favourite topics.

Wikimedia Commons ( άδεια: Creative Commons 2.0)

During my stay there I noticed accidentally a test page with the code name Wp/grc  and that is the Wikipedia Ancient Greek test page. Of course  the most of its articles there  are very short, but I guess you are curious to take a look. I already knew that there is a vivid Latin version with the colourful name of  Vicipaedia having  more than 47.000 articles already.

My humble opinion is that the future of these projects is not very promising since  there are  minimal users to support such efforts…

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