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Just two links to study Greek grammar

February 6, 2010

For those who want to start study modern  Greek  grammar there is a source  I just noticed today: the  relevant article of Wikipedia . There are a lot of examples there for the different parts of speech and a lot of  tables for conjugation of nouns , verbs etc. This is not a complete Grammar  of modern Greek of course , but it is a quite useful free content you can start with.

On the other hand , if you would like to check  a Grammar in Greek language , there are also some options. The most classic modern grammar book that you can use is “Η ΝΕΟΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗ ΓΡΑΜΜΑΤΙΚΗ ΤΟΥ ΜΑΝΩΛΗ ΤΡΙΑΝΤΑΦΥΛΛΙΔΗ” :

Manolis Triantafyllidis Grammar

If you would like to download a .pdf file of that book press on that link.

These are just tips for those who are eager to study grammar. This is not the method that I propose actually , but some people like to study first and then to try to speak.  This attitude  is not the right  to my opinion, but as long as I have some tips for my readers I will provide them.

On the other hand  if there are any questions about Greek grammar or you need any explanations about how it works , just feel free to ask me in the comments …I will be glad to answer.

Masculine Feminine Neuter
Singular Nominative ο [o] η [i] το [to]
Genitive του [tu] της [tis] του [tu]
Accusative το(ν)[1] [to(n)] τη(ν)[1] [ti(n)] το [to]
Plural Nominative οι [i] οι [i] τα [ta]
Genitive των [ton] των [ton] των [ton]
Accusative τους [tus] τις [tis] τα [ta]
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