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Routes in teaching Modern Greek

March 26, 2010

Today , after a google search, I fell on an interesting site about Modern Greek. The title of this portal is  “Διαδρομές στη διδασκαλία της νέας Ελληνικής”.  On the very first page I found an announcement (στα ελληνικά Ανακοίνωση). Actually it is an invitation for foreigners who are involved in teaching Greek. I cite the first paragraph:

“Routes in Teaching Modern Greek” is a distance training course that was developed within the project Developing Levels of Certification of Attainment in Greek as a Foreign/Second Language. Certificate of Attainment in Greek for Greek Expatriates or Foreigners (see information about the programme). The programme was co-financed via the European Union (3rd Community Support Framework) by the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs and is implemented by the Centre for the Greek Language.

If you want to read the full text of this call for participation , press on that link. This may interest my friends from Canada and Argentina who are proficient Greek learners and the one of them teaches Greek in the University. The length of this training course is about 9 months ( from the 1st June 2010 to the middle of May of 2011). The deadline to apply (press the link Αίτηση 2010-2011) is the 16th of April 2010.


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