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For the Ancient Greek lovers

May 22, 2010

Today during a  review of  my contacts on Twitter and  I fell  onto a blog with lectures  about

Web Gallery of Art , - In Public Domain

Ancient Greek literature.  There were  citations from Ancient Greek texts translated into German and his author  also provides audio MP3 files with Erasmian Pronunciation.

Actually , it is not everyday that I talk  about Ancient Greek language.  After all my opinion is that you should start the study of Greek with Modern Greek (<Νέα Ελληνικά ) , but whatever your  priority will be (Ancient, or Koine or Medieval or Modern Greek) you will always be studying the same language.

Many people are interested in Ancient Languages , which  means  that their priority is more studying that communicating the language. So, if you love Ancient stuff , Latin, Gothic or Sanskrit ..then all  these  lectures are for you.

On the other hand if are learning Modern Greek – note that Erasmian pronunciation sounds like gibberish to a native Greek speaker – and  you would like  to communicate  what you have already learnt in Greek , then you can have a conversation with me via Skype or any other communication tool you like. Just mail me to glavkosATyahooDOTcom and I will  send you my Skype user name.

Till then , you can have a look on the Ancient Greek lectures and learn a pre-Socratic dictum, like:

Πόλεμος πατήρ πάντων


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