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Noun declension – Neuters ΙI

July 4, 2010

After more than a week  and feeling that I left unfinished my last post about Modern Greek Nouns, today I decided to complete it…There are two days that I am in Piešťany city, in Slovakia for an Esperanto meeting. It is first time in my life that I take part in an Esperanto event and it is quite surprising, because almost all  day we are using  Esperanto in our communication…but this is the subject of another post on which I hope soon to come upon.

Now , on our previous post about nouns we examined isosyllava neuter nouns. So, today we are going to present the anisosyllava of the same gender.


We encounter  3 sub-categories of anisosyllava neuter nouns in Modern Greek:

  • In the first subcategory are those ones ending in -μα. Such words are το σώμα (body), το βήμα (pace) , το γράμμα (letter), το δέμα  (parcel) etc. Let’s decline the word το γράμμα
Nominative Genitive Accusative Vocative
το γράμμα του γράμματος το γράμμα γράμμα
τα γράμματα των γραμμάτων τα γράμματα γράμματα
  • In the second subcategory belong these ending in -σίμο (-ξίμο, ψίμο), as the words το δέσιμο , το βάψιμο, το φέρσιμο (behaviour) , το τρέξιμο (the act of running), το γλύψιμο ..Let’s take the word το φέρσιμο (the behavior) p.e.
  • Nominative Genitive Accusative Vocative
    το φέρσιμο του φερσίματος το φέρσιμο φέρσιμο
    τα φερσίματα των φερσιμάτων τα φερσίματα φερσίματα
  • In the 3d and last subcategory of anisosyllava neuters belong the ones ending in -ας, -ως, like το πέρας, το τέρας, το φως (the light), το καθεστώς (the regime)…
  • Nominative Genitive Accusative Vocative
    το πέρας του πέρατος το πέρας πέρας
    τα πέρατα των περάτων τα πέρατα πέρατα
    Nominative Genitive Accusative Vocative
    το φως του φωτός το φως φως
    τα φώτα των φώτων τα φώτα φώτα

    Summarising we can notice that in each number all neuters have three declensions similar: Nominative , Accusative and Vocative …Plus, the anisosyllava neuters in the Genitive of the Plural are all accented on the penultimate syllable, p.e. των κυμάτων , των δεσιμάτων , των φώτων etc.
    Also the Genitive of all neuters in the Plural is ending in -ων.

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