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A new page about my podcast

September 18, 2010

Recently I decided to gather all my podcast episodes here….So anyone can have a direct access to all audio files that I have uploaded in other domains. The reason that I do not upload all these files straitly here is that I haven’t yet decided to move to web-hosting services , albeit I have registered already my own domain name.

Sunny Darko's podcast picture

So…for the moment you can listen all the podcast episodes here. There are only 12 episodes about various everyday situations where you can figure out  how to use  properly the language  in such cases. The text of these podcast episodes is not yet available on the podcast page, but you can download  here both the text and the MP3 files. For those who want to  upload  these MP3 files to a portable device so they can listen to them on the go …you can track them on the podcast Atom  Feed. As soon as I will move to another  podcast provider I will let you know about the new Feed address.

For those of you who are not using Openoffice  I can send them these documents in PDF format.

Well, this is almost a year was September 19 last year when  I created my first episode and I am thinking to make some improvements already. In order to do that I would like to have the necessary feedback from you,  the listeners of my podcast…It will be great if you could do specific suggestions about the upcoming episodes, p.e.  about what  you would like to hear  more, what kind of information about Greece is relevant to you or certain  questions that you would like pose about  Modern Greek language issues.

It be may interesting to make some episodes about  travel in Greece. It sounds like a tiny place, but actually it is quite big and covering a huge  space, with almost 3000 islands and a quite interesting mountainous mainland, cultural and geographic diversity. So, what do you think about it ?  Or you  would like to pick out another issue for a new podcast about Greece? I am looking forward to hear from you….

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