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November 30, 2010

Lately I am mostly occupied with a Wikimedia test project, spending a lot time translating help pages and tutorials about policies and guidelines.

Recently I came across also to a very interesting webpage. So, just in case that you also   have developed an interest about old books and manuscripts, I share it here with you.  Clicking the link below   you will visit the website of  Ανέμη, a Digital Library Modern Greek Studies.

Digital Library of Modern Greek Studies – Digital Collections.

On the well-come page we read:

Anemi Digital Library aims to provide simple and quick access to a rich collection of digitized material related to Modern Greek Studies. Apart from finding bibliographic information, the researcher can also browse the documents themselves in electronic form. Here you may find a great number of old and rare documents, as well as recent publications for which their creators allowed the digitization and free distribution over the Internet.

Ιt is mostly  books and manuscripts about Greek Studies, not necessarily written in Greek language. You may find also texts in English, German or French. I would strongly suggest you to make a navigation and take a look on the archived documents, which can be freely downloaded in *.pdf format (please check the copy right policy of the site also).

By the way,  what originally the word means? Checking the lemma  ανέμη in Triantafyllidis Dictionary we get the following definitions:

ανέμη1 [anémi] η, (L)

  • spinning wheel, spindle, reel (syn ανεμίδι, ροδάνι):
    • αυτή η ~ δουλεύει δεκάξι ώρες το μερονύχτι (Petsalis) |
    • folks. κόκκινη κλωστή δεμένη, | στην ~ τυλιγμένη (Loukatos) |
    • ανεμοστάτης θα γενώ κι ~ να γυρίζω (Passow) |
    • poem και θά ‘ρθει ο γιος και κλότσο νέο κι αυτός θα δώσει στην ~ (Kazantz Od 15.1205) |
    • η μια στον αργαλειό να κάθεται κι η άλλη να πιάνει την ~ (Skipis)

[fr MG ← PatrG (Apophth. Patr.) ἀνέμη ‘windlass’]

Anemi in Folklore Museum of Kallimasias

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  1. January 17, 2011 12:42 am

    Poly kala, evharisto!

    I just started learning Greek and I haven’t even got the keyboard yet, but I subbed as I saw you in the how-to-learn-any-language forum.

  2. January 18, 2011 10:10 pm

    Welcome Vikor ,
    do hesitate to ask me anything …I am not doing much on that blog lately but I promise to come back soon.

    Добро пожеловать!!!

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