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Yes, I am a Greek dude who loves learning  languages. The last 3 years I  am trying to   learn Russian again (once my native language) and Esperanto , which I like for its simplicity and the culture behind it. I am not a professional teacher of Greek language , but I am convinced  that I can help you learn Modern  Greek .

This blog  is all about Greek language. Teaching and learning , educational material and where you can find it…Useful tips for Greek learners and people who are interested about the language and the Greek culture.  If you want to contact with me write  to GLAVKOSatYAHOOdotCOM


Read that page in Modern Greek  or in Esperanto.

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  1. April 7, 2010 11:00 pm


    Mi lernas la grekan kaj jhus trovis vian blogon. Pro tio mi ghojas char ne multaj lernomaterialo ekzistas pri la greka lingvo. Cetere mi deziras ankau sekvi vian mikroblogon pri la greka.

    Dankon kaj gratulojn

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